North Carolina Edition
36 Campbell L. Rev. 201-381


Legislative Expansion of Judicial Bifurcation: North Carolina’s Double-Edged Sword

Article by: Kip Nelson

36 Campbell L. Rev. 201 (2014)

Leandro’s Limit: Do North Carolina’s Homeschoolers Have a Right to a Sound Basic Education Protected by the State?

Article by: Jessica Archer

36 Campbell L. Rev. 253 (2014)

Us Got the Best Teachers in the Everywhere: North Carolina Public School Teacher Employment Problems, Interests, and Potential Solutions

Article by: J. Tyler Walthall

36 Campbell L. Rev. 303 (2014)

Finality and Clarity Regarding Pending Claims for Attorney’s Fees: Duncan and the Superfluous 54(b) Certification

Comment by: Lauren Fussell

36 Campbell L. Rev. 339 (2014)

More Than Just a DREAM: The Legal and Practical Implications of a North Carolina DREAM Act

Comment by: John J. Long, Jr.

36 Campbell L. Rev. 359 (2014)