Heller After Ten Years*

40 Campbell L. Rev. 399 (2018)

FEBRUARY 2, 2018

Ludington:       Moderator, Sarah Ludington
Denning:          Panelist, Brannon Denning
Henigan:          Panelist, Dennis Henigan
Kopel:               Panelist, David Kopel
Shearer:           Panelist, Hannah Shearer

Ludington:  Welcome, everybody.  Thanks for joining us this morning.  We’ve got a great topic on deck here and a fantastic panel.  Heller was decided ten years ago.1  Since then, there have been some 1,100 cases decided in the lower federal courts about the validity or non-validity of gun control laws.  So those lower court cases are our topic for the morning; particularly seeing how Heller has been applied, debating whether the lower courts are doing it justice, and whether they are honoring the intent and the language of the Heller opinion itself.

So we’ve got a fantastic panel.  We have Brannon Denning, who is the associate dean and a professor of law at Cumberland School of Law, Samford University.  Dennis Henigan, former vice president of the Brady Center and current director of the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids.  David Kopel, who is the research director at the Independence Institute, and an associate policy analyst at the Cato Institute, also an adjunct professor of law at Denver University, Sturm College of Law.  And on the end, Hannah Shearer, staff attorney and Second Amendment litigation director at the Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence.

Now, I’ve introduced them in order from Professor Denning down to Hannah Shearer, but Ms. Shearer is actually going to kick us off, and she will give us a fifteen- to twenty-minute presentation followed by Professor Kopel, Mr. Henigan, and ending with Mr. Denning.  So, Hannah?

*     *     *

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