Dedication by:
James B. McLaughlin

38 Campbell L. Rev. 149 (2016)

One spring day back in 1981, while attending a meeting for young scholars in St. Louis, I ran into a fellow attendee in the lobby of the hotel where I was staying. Like a man with clairvoyant abilities, Pat Hetrick looked at me and asked if I, too, was attending the young scholars’ meeting. “Yes,” I replied, and a friendship began as we spent the rest of that weekend together.

As it turned out, Pat was serving as the chair of the Faculty Appointments Committee for Campbell University School of Law. By the end of the weekend, we had become fast friends and Pat invited me to apply for a position at Campbell. Long story short: two years later I came to Campbell Law because Pat Hetrick had initiated the idea of me joining the faculty. I have since spent the last thirty-two years at Campbell, all because of Pat Hetrick.

Pat became dean of Campbell Law soon after my arrival and asked me to serve as the associate dean for academic affairs under his deanship. I agreed and served until he stepped down some eleven years later. All this to say, I have been highly honored and privileged to serve with this fine administrator, teacher, and scholar for over thirty years. Pat Hetrick is so much more than these three things. He has been a true mentor to many, including this writer. Of course, he has also been a true friend and co-author.

Pat has touched the lives of many students, faculty, colleagues, friends, lawyers, and others. Pat is a prolific writer and scholar, and he was even more stellar in the classroom. Thousands of law students can testify that Pat Hetrick was an outstanding teacher who truly cared about students. In addition, he was a truly outstanding administrator as dean of Campbell’s law school. As dean, Pat hired some of the most outstanding professors on our law school faculty. His hiring legacy includes such faculty members as Richard Bowser, Jean Cary, Greg Wallace, Woody Woodruff, and others. He was an exemplary leader with a servant’s heart. Pat continues to be more concerned about the welfare of others than himself. He is truly selfless. He has enriched the lives of the faculty members with whom he served and taught. He has helped make young men and women great lawyers.

Of course, to the bench and bar of North Carolina, Pat Hetrick will always be known as the true expert on North Carolina real property matters, and rightly so. Pat’s insight on serious legal issues is amazing. He is a true scholar and an outstanding lawyer, professor, and friend. He has written for many years in the field of real property law. His works include several editions of Webster’s Real Estate Law in North Carolina and the North Carolina Real Estate Manual.

Most importantly to this writer, Pat Hetrick is a friend and brother in Christ. I can earnestly and sincerely say, “Well done my friend, very well done.” More significantly, I know that one day my friend Pat will hear our Savior say, “Well done, well done.”